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How to Grow Your Business with 3D Modeling?

 |  Anastasia Misiuk

3D Printing Application In Business

3D modeling opens the doors for limitless possibilities in design. Depending on the software, or the combination of software that you use, you can design whole new worlds and characters, basically any object, of any shape, texture, and structure from a blank computer screen.

Why is 3D modeling the best asset for your business?

Product design, prototyping

Well, if your company is producing goods where design matters a lot, with 3D modeling you can easily modify the design, quickly print a prototype by yourself, or order it from your local on-demand 3D printing company. You will be able then to let your focus group test your new design, take the notes, and improve the product quickly. Using 3D modeling for customizing product design and 3D printing for prototyping will help you save a lot of time and money on developing new designs and production.

If you will take this concept one step further and implement it to your business strategy on a constant basis, not only will you be able to prototype faster, but also it will allow to change the product design rapidly and customize any product for customer’s needs.

Engineering, construction

3D modeling allows detailed visualization of a technical concept, which may be viewed from every angle and later printed. Compared to traditional blueprints and schematics, these methods are truly revolutionary. For inventors, engineers and constructors the possibility of getting a 3D model and an actual prototype of the concept quickly is a huge breakthrough. Buildings and interior design elements can now be also 3D designed, modified easily with the use of 3D modeling. Globalization and technology help to develop and transform the 3D industry and vice versa.

But what if your business is not connected with construction, aerospace, or design? Is there a way to profit from using 3D modeling in your business industry?

The answer is definitely “YES”.

Branding, packaging, merchandising

Use 3D modeling for telling stories, building audiences, and create a common vision of your company. Create and modify the new packaging for your products with the use of 3D modeling software. Basically, with the help of 3D, you will be able to visualize and show your community exactly what interests them without spending a huge budget.

Take your branding and merchandising on a completely new level. Have you ever thought how your 3D printed logo would look like? And how about 3D designed and printed merch swag that you sell or give away? Be the first amongst your competitors to use innovative technologies in your business process, conquer by providing modern technological solutions.

Visualization, storytelling, communication

I already mentioned, that implementing 3D modeling to product development will save a huge amount of time. Not only can you design a new product, but most importantly - you can first develop a concept, test it, and make necessary changes before the actual production starts.

Using 3D modeling creates an ability to create and market your own vision, from scratch. You control the process and every change that is made to a project. Everything happens as you design it, step by step.

With the use of 3D modeling and 3D printing technologies you save time and money, gain an ability to expand the range of products you offer, you can customize any product and improve the relationship with your excited about new innovative ideas audience. You have absolute freedom on every stage of product development thanks to modern technology.

Professional 3D modeling for anyone

The best part is that 3D modeling should not be that complicated, as it seems to be. With SelfCAD it’s not anymore. We know, how hard it is to learn new skills from scratch. It can take months, years. In business, you normally don’t have that much time to spend on new classes, even the best and vital. This is why our solution is: more power with less learning. For the latest update, we created a smart user-friendly intuitive interface. Our beginner users start designing complex objects after a few days of watching our tutorial videos!

Try SelfCAD now, sign up for our 10-day free trial and see how you can improve your business using professional 3D modeling!


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