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How To Choose Between Cartesian And Delta 3D Printers
 |  Anastasia Misiuk


       Cartesian vs Delta 3D Printers

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3D printing is a modern and advanced technology that requires unconventional styles of printing to achieve the best output possible. Cartesian and Delta printers are the two most commonly used, they use FDM technology in a different manner. These printers make it possible to print amazing, complex and very detailed objects of various shapes, sizes, and structure.

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    ​ These printers are named after the Cartesian coordinate system in the printer that uses the X, Y and Z coordinates to determine the location of the print head and extruder of the printer. This determination is done using the system of rails which helps to move the print head and printer bed to position the extruder. This type of printer is quite popular and is commonly used, which is why users get the support for it easily along with all the parts and repair. Printing by a Cartesian printer is quite superior comparing to other printers due to its better surface finish. Cartesian printers have rigid axes so there is a smaller amount of errors when print head moves in the 3D space.



  Cartesian 3D printers have quite a typical common design, and they have a print bed that moves on the Z-axis only. The extruder is located on the X-axis and Y-axis and can move in four directions. The most popular Cartesian printers are MakerBot and Ultimaker. Not every Cartesian printer is the same, even though they use the same technology. In PrintrBot Simple, the printheads axis can be changed by moving the print bed. This 3D printer was invented by Rene Descartes and can be moved from front to back, up and down or from left to right. It has a square moving print bed and the print bed moves towards the nozzle instead of the nozzle moving towards the print bed in some models.


Cartesian 3D printer advantages

• great for printing wide models

• the printer kinematics is easier to understand and learn

• very affordable, compared to other printers

• user-friendly printers

• models fit easily into its cubic frame


 The Delta Printer:


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   The Delta printer’s work is similar to the Cartesian printer within the Cartesian plane, but the main difference is that different systems are used to navigate and locate the printing head within the 3D space. There are three arms placed on rails, they move up and down to provide movement to print head. Delta printers use trigonometric functions on the basis of angles created by these arms to determine the precise location of the print head within the 3D print space. These printers have circular print beds which increase the efficiency, especially during printing circular objects. Delta printers are the most preferred choice for printing taller objects. Also, Delta printers have better printing speed, comparing to other printers. Delta head printers are built in a light manner and are designed to provide instant printing.




Although 3D Delta printers use the same system as the Cartesian printer, it does not use the linear motion movement to deposit the filament. It uses three arms with a parallelogram on each one and these parallelograms change their angles. The arms of the Delta printer hang from a fixed platform and all the mechanics that propel the motion are located on that platform itself. Due to this, the print head is quite lighter in comparison to the Cartesian printer. This printer has a circular print bed which does not move, so only small-sized rectangular models can be printed. However, there appears an ability to print tall objects with great accuracy. The height of a printed object depends on a printer’s size and its design.

So 3D Delta printers require less maintenance and are very affordable. Delta printers are excellent for layering the filament and providing a vertical edge.


Advantages of 3D Delta Printer:

• Ability to print higher models.

• The printer itself is lightweight and can be moved easily.

• The direction can be changed instantly

• Delta printer is easy to maintain and upgrade

• Accuracy and high speed of printing.

While choosing the best printer for you, keep in mind what do you want to print with it. If you want to print tall objects then Delta printers are the best for you, Cartesian printers are definitely best for a smoother finish. These printers can be easily ordered online and you can enjoy printing your 3D models at home! Use SelfCAD to create and prepare your 3D objects for printing with both Cartesian and Delta 3D printers!


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