Hobby vs. Industrial 3D Printing
 |  Anastasia Misiuk

  3D printing is taking the world. Those are probably the most frequently said words about the 3D printing industry and how it’s developing. Well, it’s actually true in this case. Have you heard of 3D printed houses? A few families have already moved into those! And how about 3D printed cars? Even Bugatti has a model with 3D printed parts!

It’s being said, that within a decade every family should have a 3D printer. Just imagine, printing the custom goods for yourself!

As for now, printing becomes an exciting scientific hobby for people of all ages and interests. Makers are creating models and print it with various filaments of all colors, students have 3D modeling and 3D printing classes, you also probably have a local on-demand manufacturer nearby or your own printer. And what if you don’t?

You can buy your first 3D printer under $500! It’s very important to clearly understand your purpose before buying the printer. The quality of your objects actually depends on what technology you choose. We explain how to choose between Cartesian and Delta printers here.


3D printer

The possibility of designing and then simply printing basically anything is truly astonishing. But there are cons everywhere. And even if you are a professional 3D designer, it still will be difficult to print very detailed (especially small!) objects on a cheap 3D printer.

Also, you have to be very patient. 3D printing takes time. And sometimes bad things happen

Failed 3D print

With the increasing popularity of additive manufacturing industrial 3D printing is growing very fast. Industrial 3D printers allow printing from various materials, that cannot be heated with a simple heating part in the extruder, by using laser printing technologies. They allow printing very detailed, complex objects thanks to very high resolution.

3D printing

And of course, such printers are big, large, huge and expensive (up to 1.000.000$!). But the main value is technology development, which allows using 3D printing not only in production, design, and fun. But also in medicine, prototype engineering, fashion, and architecture!

With all that said, hobby 3D printing and basic 3D modeling will probably become a basic skill very soon! Develop yours with SelfCAD now!