Get Spooky With SelfCAD!
 |  Paulina Lach

5 Halloween Things you can model in SelfCAD

Are you ready to go trick or treating? The webs in our office made us feel ready for months but now we have incredible costumes too!

Halloween design

Here are 5 things you can model in SelfCAD for Halloween. Everyone will be able to find something for themselves here, as it's going from the simplest prints to more complex toys :)


1. SpookyPumpkin

Awesome pumpkin
This awesome pumpkin print was made by our 3d designer, Szymon Śliwiński. You can make your own following his tutorial. If you had it with pumpkin carving you can give yourself a break this year - this pumpkin will never make your messy and it will always stay fresh.

2. Halloween Mask

Halloween Mask
Our design team made this cute Halloween mask for their office dog, Keira. If you like watching adorable dogs get their first Halloween outfit and being good girls/boys click here.  

3. Skull

Skull is a classic for Halloween. If you decide to 3D print you'll have full control of how it will look like and what it will be made from (may we suggest sugar?) which places it on 3rd position on our list - your skull can be as complex or as simple as you'd like it to be. 

4. Wolverine Claws

Wolverine Claws
Those fully functional 3d printed claws can complete your cat or wolverine outfit. Don’t scratch too hard! Find the model here.

5. Glowing sword

Glowing sword
This amazing sword was made by Adafruit Industries. Watch how it was made.

What should you be printing this Halloween? Take this fun 5 min quiz to find out!