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Discover SelfCAD: Bend Tool

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The Blend Tool of SelfCAD

Applying deformations to the objects and selected parts can make significant changes to the original shape. When deforming an object, we can change a default object or any basic shape completely while setting and applying deformations tools. In SelfCAD you can bend, twist, skew and taper your model.

In this article, we are going to explain how to use the Bend tool.

What is Bend Tool?

The Bend tool rotates around the 3D cursor and bends the selected parts of a mesh toward the mouse cursor position. We’ll explain setting the cursor position later. With the bend tool, you can deform selected geometry in a curved way. You can watch your model being stretched from the selected point towards the certain end position while using Bend.

How to use Bend?

First, make sure you have your object selected. To use Bend, go Deform -> Bend, or simply use a D + B keyboard shortcut. See the tool’s settings panel on the left. Use Advanced Settings to set the start position (Top, Middle, Bottom) for your cursor from the drop-down menu.

Helpful Tip: Rotate the whole model before using Bend

content image

To achieve the correct deformation we should first get the position from which the object will be bent. Only after setting a proper position, we can bend it successfully. In case if we bent first, the result would be different from what we originally expected, as the unwanted parts of the mesh will be bent.

content image

Helpful Tip: use Bend in orthographic projection to achieve accurate and predictable shape results

While using orthographic projection, you can position your object and then apply the deformation with better precision. The orthographic projection shows 3D objects in two dimensions, projecting the object on the plane using its parallel lines. As the result, we seem to watch the objects from the infinite distance.

We hope this article was helpful and explained how to use our Bend tool. Contact us at and suggest the tools we should review and explain next.

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