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 |  Sammy Ekaran

 SelfCAD Camera: All You Need to know

A camera is a very vital tool in any CAD program, whether it’s CAD software that you can download or an online 3D modeling software. The function of a 3D camera is for viewing the 3D Model in different dimensions on the workspace. Just like real-life cameras, a 3D Modeling software camera works in a similar manner. The only difference is, the 3D modeling software camera isn’t as realistic as in the real world.


When one looks at the model on the 3D modeling software they are essentially looking at it using the Camera. For the camera to move, you need to rotate it or zoom 

To see your 3D object from a different perspective, you in or out by yourself. So the camera in a 3D modeling software acts as your eyes. 




  • The default settings of the camera of SelfCAD automatically focuses and zooms the camera based on your mouse position as shown below.

  • When you zoom in to a point where the 3D object is much closer than the camera, the camera will enter into the 3D object and see within. 


    Types of Camera Projections In SelfCAD


  1. Perspective 

  2. Orthographic


                                                                     Perspective Projection

content image

The perspective projection gives one the normal angled 3D view. That is the angle in which we usually see the objects in the real world. In this mode, there is always the vanishing point effect hence aligning 3D objects becomes a challenge and that’s where the Orthographic mode comes in. Perspective projection is great when in a 3D angle perspective. 


                                                                      Orthographic Projection

content image

This is a type of projection in which 3D objects are viewed in two dimensions. In this mode, all the projection lines are orthogonal to the projection plane. Orthographic Projection is great for birds’ eye view but it will look different when it is angled. It works perfectly too on a flat 2D. 

If any case you get lost in the editor workspace, all you need to do is to reset your camera. See how you can reset the camera by clicking on the home icon just near the camera.


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