Best 3D Printed Puzzles

 |  Anastasia Misiuk

Have you ever tried to solve a Rubik’s Cube? Have you built something with Lego bricks?

Solving puzzles is always a great time for your brain and fun. It develops the skill of finding ways around the obstacles and moving directly to a certain result.

3D printed puzzles are perfect for leisure and custom presents for your friends and kids. With the development of additive manufacturing, we now can print toys and 3D puzzles on-demand and at home. Imagine creating your own custom toys. With the help of modeling tutorials, it’s easy and fun!

In this article, we collected great examples of printable puzzles and toys to print your own.

The interlocking puzzle by Steward Coffin is a cube assembled from 12 different parts. Before solving this puzzle, all the joints have to be connected. The parts should be printed as identical copies to shape a cube with equal faces.

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Another 12-piece puzzle based on a cube, but slightly trickier this time. Additional complexity is achieved by extruding selected parts of a cube on each side. Each part of the puzzle helps to lock in the previously settled and holds the construction.

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Oskar van Deventer's cubic maze puzzle, called "Oskar's Cube presents the cross-like construction holds faces-mazes. First, the base must be assembled to hold the cube.  


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Puzzle Bear

Inspired by traditional Rubik’s Cube this puzzle is shaped like a bear. To solve it you have to find the proper place for each part.

Image source: Thingiverse

This puzzle consists of only 3 parts that make a cube if combined together. The simplicity in assembling is achieved by the complexity of the original parts of the cube.

Image source: Thingiverse

3D modeling makes it possible to design your own puzzle. If making complex geometrical shapes is not your main strength, try decomposing any 3D object into simple 3D shapes combined together and later think of a structure to hold them together when the puzzle is solved.

Check out how you can design your own 3D printable toys and puzzles here!

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