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Ambassador Edition: 3D Printed Strawberry

 |  Anastasia Misiuk

We’re happy to introduce Brian, a participant of our Ambassador Program.

Watch more of Brian's videos on his YouTube channel or follow him on Instagram

In this article, we’ll introduce a step-by-step instruction on how you can make your own 3D printable strawberries.

This is what you need to complete the whole design-to-print and post-printing process:

  1. SelfCAD editor. Launch the editor or sign up for a free trial here.
  2. A 3D printer. Brian is using a MonoPrice Maker Select V2. Don’t stress out if you’re using another printer, any 3D printer will work.
  3. Filament: Red PLA / ABS Again, any color can do as you will end up painting the strawberry after it has been printed. However, red is the best fit. 
  4. Green paint to apply the final changes to the model.    

Ready? Let’s do some 3D modeling now!

  1. Launch the editor and select the Sphere from Basic Shapes section. Select a shape or simply drag and drop it into your workspace.
  1. Go Sculpting and select Flatten brush. Set the size and intensity (for this project Brian used 30 and 20 respectively) and begin sculpting!
  2. A quick tip: start sculpting from the bottom and reduce the intensity to 10 as you go up. 

 4. Use Move Brush (set size and intensity to 20) to create strawberry leaves 

  1. Use Polygon Selection -> Extrusion to add texture. Apply changes.
  2. If needed, use Flatten Brush again to change the leaves.
  1. Select the Masking Brush to mask the entire model
  1. Select the Inflate Brush (S+I) to create the textured dots all around the model.

 Prepare your model for printing. Read this article to learn how our slicer works.

  1. Print your model.

 10. Paint the leaves with green paint. Let the paint dry. 

Congratulations! Your strawberry is ready!

Enjoy creating with SelfCAD!

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