3D Printed Elephant Cutlery or Pencil Holder

 |  Anastasia Misiuk

We continue our experiment with upgrading the household with fancy 3D printed items. This time we designed and printed an elephant-shaped cutlery holder. We printed it small in size, but you can make your own as big as you want.  Maybe even as a real elephant, but the printing would take literally years in this case. 

Have a sneak peek on our newest update and see our new tools in use! While creating your own model you can experiment with our Colors and Materials and see how the entire design changes. Export your 3D models to GLB and share it on Facebook!

And now, let’s make something great!

  1. Launch the editor. Not a subscriber yet? Sign up here.
  2. Use the image with the shape of your desire.
  3. Open our 3D Sketch section, select Line drawing, and draw a sketch. 


content image

  1. Finalize your drawing.
  2. Go with Cube Selection and Scale the areas of your object.
  3. Continue Cube Selection, go Deformations -> Taper and deform this area of your object.

content image

  1. Apply the same operation to particular polygons with Polygon Selection -> Taper
  2. Select the Cube in 3D Shapes and Scale it to a more rectangular shape.
  3. Place this shape on the bottom of your object, creating the legs.

content image

  1. Use our Stitch and Scoop -> Difference to create free space between the legs.
  2. Select the bottom part you want to be removed with Cube Selection
  3. Cut a hole by Deleting the selected area.

content image

  1. Cut a hole in the nose by repeating the same actions.
  2. Apply Add Thickness tool to change wall thickness for printing.
  3. Check the final look and Scale the whole model for printing. 
  4. Go File -> 3D Print
  5. Select your printer, set the Slicer settings
  6. 3D print your object

Congratulations! Your model is ready! 

We use our small elephant as a pencil holder, you can do the same. Or make a bigger one and use it in your kitchen!

content image

Enjoy creating with SelfCAD!


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